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Ishpingo Natural Aromatherapy Perfume

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Materials: Ishpingu,Vanilla,Clove bud,cardamom,nutmeg,grand duke jasmine,mandarine

Cinnamon-like floral

Ishpingo, Ocotea quixos

is a spicy essential oil, with an aroma much like cinnamon, but with far less cinnamaldehyde content. I have blended it with the warmth and depth of organic Vanilla oleoresin, organic clove bud, organic mandarine, organic nutmeg, organic grand Duke jasmine sambac absolute and organic cardamom essential oils to give a dreamy, cozy, and alluring scent, that beckons one to come closer, linger in the hug a moment and breathe deeply.

This softly lingering natural scent is captivating and inspiring, it embodies the zesty spirit of the artist’s muse, this perfume is unusual and yet somehow familiar and comforting to the psyche.

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