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Lilac Enfleurage Pomade, Lightly Fragrant Moisturizing Balm, Lilac Organic Pomade Real Lilac Real Handmade Authentic Lilac Pomade,

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Organic Lilac Enfleurage Pomade.

As seen in Better Homes and Gardens magazine, May 2022 Issue.

Better Homes and Gardens photographers and interviewers came for a visit and published a six page article about our family farm. In the article the ancient process of Enfleurage is explained and you can see beautiful photos of our farm. We are open for visitors again starting on Mother's Day 2024. Come for a stunning and uplifting tour through our historical property, forget about the cares of the world and immerse yourself in a huge cloud of the essence as it emits from our lilac grove of more than 150 different lilac varieties. All our products are for sale at the farm, but if you can't make it to the farm, you can purchase here on Etsy.

A Bit About Enfleurage

In Enfleurage, the chassis is charged with 33 daily fresh lilac flower changes in the ancient process of cold fat absorption.

The scent is astonishing, ethereal, and authentic, albeit ephemeral, fleeting and ghostly.

PLEASE NOTE:, real lilac enfleurage is going to be much lighter and softer and more intimate and private than a synthetic lilac fragrance. It will not be able to compete with the strong smells of synthetics, derivatives or CO2 extractions or fragrance that has been extracted using hexane and other solvents. So I think I must emphasize in my listing that this is a natural handmade enfleurage product, and will be much different than anything store bought.

Enfleurage is the French term for an ancient, labor intensive, and all-but vanished, technique in which a fat is used to absorb scent from fresh exhaling flowers.

Enfleurage captures the most delicate components of scent and the most comprehensive spectrum of scent molecules.

Lilac does not lend itself to distillation and other methods collect only fractions of the scent and leave behind or destroy certain elements. Traditional Enfleurage yields the most authentic essence of lilac.

At Cherry Valley Lilacs we have more than 150 different varieties of lilacs growing in our exhibit garden. More than 30 different lilacs of the most fragrant varieties go into making our pomade. We have revitalized this ancient method of scent extraction and brought it back from near extinction. In past seasons hundreds of visitors have come to the farm to witness this ancient practice in action.

We use only organic and sustainably produced oils in our pomade. Coconut, palm and cocoa butter are appropriate fats for this process. The best oil to use is RSPO Sustainable Organic Palm Kernel Oil.

Certified sustainable producers of Organic Palm Kernel Oil have joined a coalition to protect rainforest habitat and produce their oil from long standing organic and sustainably managed plantations. Palm kernel oil is high in vitamin A palmitate and other phyto -nutrients and antioxidants, good for the skin and has natural Sun Protection Factor of about 3.

Here in the offering of 15 ml of lilac enfleurage pomade, approximately 1000 tiny lilac florets have breathed their essence...

We also sell wholesale by the pound. Please inquire.

Enfleurage of lilac pomade is made on site at Cherry Valley Lilac Farm in upstate New York at the foothills of the Adirondacks. Spring is a fantastic crazy dance in these parts, where the growing season is so fleeting and intense.

Lilac Enfleurage Pomade is a lightly scented moisturizer, emollient, and therapeutic aromatic balm.

Pomade, a term of the past, was often used as a hair preparation, and so it became known for that primary use. My lilac enfleurage pomade is often used in hair and as a beard and mustache tamer. However, Lightly fragrant, it has been described as a solid natural perfume, and it is meant to be worn as a moisturizer, body butter, massage cream or facial butter. Lilac essence from fresh exhaling flowers, absorbed into a base of organic and sustainably grown RSPO palm kernel oil, is a non greasy emollient full of antioxidants, phytonutrients, naturally occurring vitamin A and Vitamin E tocopherols. It has a shelf life of several years and still holds it’s soft beautiful light fragrance without going rancid or esterification. You can savor it for many long, cold, and dreary winters. In fact solid scented pomades have been found in Egyptian tombs and still retain their fragrance. It is soul magic in a jar. 🌸

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