Lilac Essence

Lilac Enfleurage Quint-Essential Oil

In July 2017 Charle-Pan cracked the code. For the first time in more than 100 years, Lilac Essential Oil is available from the ancient artisan process of Enfleurage.

In addition to our Lilac Pomade, we are now extracting the oil of lilac from the pomade on site in our own studio. Our 33 day Enfleurage Pomade of Lilac is extracted to yield Lilac Quintessence or what some may call Essential Oil of Lilac. It is estimated that 16 bushels of flowers go into one half ounce of Lilac Essential Oil. The smell is authentic, exquisite and intoxicating. Lilac Enfleurage is a cold process using fresh flowers, so the result is a living lilac essence. For more info on Living Lilac Essence and Why it’s different…

Lilac, Peony, Mock Orange, Sweet English Violet, Gardenia, and Jasmine Pomades available in retail and wholesale quantities. For the first time ever we are extracting Peony oil from peony pomade. Peony Enfleurage Oil and Lilac Enfleurage Oil are both available. Please pre-order, by emailing

2021 Sold Out
Lilac Enfleurage Absolute Essential Oil is now available again after more than 100 years….. Every year we build capacity for our new customers, and we continue to grow.  Please email for our wholesale price list  to pre-order for 2021. We sell lilac pomade, lilac essence, and authentic lilac perfume oil from our lilacs on site, buy retail or buy in bulk with wholesale pricing

December 2020
Staying the winter in Cherry Valley this year. I will be extracting lilac oil and making perfumes all winter in my studio. There will be lilac oil, pomade and perfume available until supplies run out…Call to chat. 518-366-3400

Sept. 2019 SOLD !!!
Production more than doubled this year, quality and consistency were maintained and all product was pre-ordered and sold. We have only a few ml for samples.

July 2018  SOLD !!!
We increased production this year and yielded nearly a half liter of lilac enfleurage essential oil. All but what we kept for our private collection was sold. A few small drops were available to send prospective buyers as samples. Next year we hope to increase our production of lilac enfleurage essential oil to 600 ml. Many factors have to come together perfectly for this to happen. That is the alchemy of this science and the art in this artisan technique. Preorders are being taken now for 2019 season.

July 2017  SOLD!!!
A small quantity of Lilac Enfleurage Essential Oil is left from our 2017 grow year. You may purchase it at Artisan Aromatics  or by calling Cherry Valley Lilac Farm, 518-366-3400

July 2016   SOLD !!!
Our 33 day Enfleurage of Lilac is ready for harvest. The scent is intoxicating, sensual and deep. Spicy upper notes of Palabin and Miss Kim, lower more sultry notes of Beauty of Moscow, Monge, Donald Wyman, Paul Thirion, and Amy Loise Utley…This year’s pomade is a precious natural scent absorbed fully onto various butters…available for sale by the ounce and by the pound in organic, sustainably grown and sourced shea butter, cocoa butter, and palm kernel oil.

This is a natural essential oil of Lilac flowers, produced in the artisan tradition…

2015 SOLD !!!
Cherry Valley Lilacs is pleased to announce our first batch of Lilac Essential Oil. What a rare treasure it is. We want to thank Enfleurage Aromatics in New York City for working with us to help make this possible. Also to Carlos at Esencialife, Columbia South America for producing such a gem of a product. 

Our Lilac Beauty Secret, is made through the ancient process of Enfleurage. A hand crafted pomade is created through 33 consecutive days of fresh flower changes. The lilac scent is exhaled from the flowers into a bed of sustainably sourced and organically grown palm kernel oil.

Palm kernel oil is naturally high in vitamin E, tocotrenols and is packed with anti-oxidants.

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