About Us

We are a family owned lilac farm in Cherry Valley, NY. We feature rare lilac plants, and have more than 150 varieties in our exhibit garden…We also make rich and soothing therapeutic lilac pomade and lilac Enfleurage absolute essential oil through the ancient process of Enfleurage. In 2017 we started making our own Lilac Enfleurage Absolute Essential Oil from our own Lilac Pomade. Currently we are the only lilac farm in the world doing large scale traditional Enfleurage. Our production comprises the world supply of Lilac Enfleurage Absolute Essential Oil.


Open seasonally for plant sales, tours and educational opportunities.


To Purchase our handmade artisan batch natural enfleurage products, visit our Etsy store.


Learn about the ago-old art of enfleurage in one of our in-person workshops.

We make the raw materials for your natural perfume blend. Start with pure essential lilac oil from our Lilac Enfleurage production.

As a grower and primary producer of Lilac Enfleurage we already adhere to strict organic growing, harvesting and processing criteria…we pledge to continue to abide by these principles and the certification criteria of the International Perfume Foundation.

In keeping with these principles as set forth by the International Perfume Foundation, we pledge to maintain our own organic practices and to promote the natural production of flower quintessence oils around the world. As we are Certified by the International Perfume Foundation, we bear this symbol proudly.

The Enfleuragist, Charle-Pan Dawson pledges to follow the IPF New Luxury Code, a system of operations that enables conscious and eco-sustainable components in the making of what one might consider to be luxury products such as essential oils and absolutes. We take this pledge very seriously.

In Spring of 2018, Charle-Pan began giving classes in the technique of Enfleurage. Select seminars will be organized by the IPF. Stay tuned for more information.

The Enfleuragist

The mind of a chemist,
the soul of an artist…