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Kingman Turquoise Dangle Earrings Bezel Set in Solid Sterling Silver, long elegant stones, March Birthstone, not perfect

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Materials: Silver,Turquoise

These are extra special Kingman turquoise earrings set in solid sterling silver, from Kingman mine in Arizona. I had another pair for sale from my shop and the customer left a review saying she loved the earrings but did not see the 92.5 sterling silver stamp and therefore thought they may not be sterling. I showed her the stamp on the back. You can see it on the earrings in the back of the settings on each earring, in the photos I listed for this pair…please have a good look they are not perfectly matched and contain unique anomalies. so please make sure you are ok with that and can give a five star review if you purchase these. I have kept the price low on these because of the stone anomolies. They are stunningly beautiful and elegant to wear, nonetheless…

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