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Lilac Enfleurage Absolute, Organic, 5ml

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Materials: lilacs

Pure Lilac Enfleurage Absolute created from the ancient artisan method. I extract at my high elevation lab in Bend, Oregon.

Lilac Enfleurage

Enfleurage is the French term for an ancient, labor intensive, and all-but vanished, technique in which a fat is used to absorb scent from fresh exhaling flowers. Enfleurage captures the most delicate components of scent and the most comprehensive spectrum of scent molecules. Lilac does not lend itself to distillation and other methods collect only fractions of the scent and leave behind or destroy certain elements. Traditional Enfleurage yields the most authentic essential oil of lilac.

In our Atelier, fresh lilacs are placed in fat substrate where the lovely lilac scent is captured in the fat molecules. We use all organically grown, sustainably harvested, palm kernel oil to extract the scent. Every day for 33 days, we painstakingly replace the hand picked lilac blossoms with fresh blossoms, so the aroma is intoxicatingly authentic. Then we separate the scent molecules from the fat using organic spirits and concentrate it with a gentle evaporation process to preserve the delicate notes of lilac.

This is the authentic absolute extract of lilac that we create with natural enfleurage, using more than 150 different varieties of lilacs from our lilac farm. Lilac Enfleurage is made from lilacs: Maiden's Blush, Sweetheart, Konchkalovsky, Frank's Fancy, Paul Thirion, Burgundy Queen, Royalty, Palibin, Charles Jolie, President Lincoln, Elenor Roosevelt, President Grevy, Miss Kim, Pocahontas, Brent's Beauty, Miss Canada, Peace, Wedgewood Blue, Dappled Dawn, Sensation, Josie, Monge, Alice Mae, Mrs. Havermeyer, Emile Lemoine, Amy Schott, Agincourt Beauty, Crepuscule, Sara Sands and Donald Wyman, Violeta, Flora, Vesper's Song, Silverking, and Arch McKean. Each year the scent will vary slightly in accordance with which lilacs are the colossal bloomers that year. Nothing is added or taken away from this pure natural product. More than 30 bushels of fresh flowers go into producing 10 ml of Lilac Enfleurage extract.

Our delicate lilac essence may be used as an exquisite stand alone natural perfume, or as an ingredient in blending with other natural scents. It is a powerful heart opener, teletransporter and memory inducer in the limbic pathways of the brain.

My Lilac Essential Oil Absolute is the pure essence of Lilac extracted with organic cane spirits from organic lilac Enfleurage pomade, that I make by myself from my organically grown and wild field collected lilacs.

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