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Lilac Enfleurage, Organic Lilac Absolute, Lilac Essence, Essence of Lilac, Organic Lilac Extrait 5ml

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Lilac Enfleurage Organic Absolute

Our big bloom Lilac Season starts around Mother's Day. Enfleurage begins shortly thereafter and continues till 2nd week of June. Your pre-order insures that your order will be on my production schedule and will be filled with the first batches of Lilac absolute in 2024. Please order the 1 ml sample of this item first, if you have never tried my lilac enfleurage absolute before.

This is our authentic organic absolute of lilac flowers captured through the traditional artisan method of Enfleurage right here in the USA. We extract from more than thirty different lilac varieties on our farm of more than 160 different trees. All Lilac Enfleurage is performed here in upstate NY on our farm. We are the original producer of this Lilac Enfleurage, and we supply the professional perfumer with wholesale quantities of lilac enfleurage absolute oil worldwide. All materials used in the process of extracting the absolute are certified organic. We do not spray our lilacs with pesticides nor do we use any herbicides on the farm.

What is offered here is 5ml of organic lilac enfleurage absolute. It is a sizable amount that may be used in formulations by professional perfumers, it can also be used straight as a very precious scent, worn for purposes of healing, aromatherapy, and meditation. Because it is very expensive, precious, and rare, I suggest you try the sample 1 ml first before ordering a larger quantity such as this.

Perfumers can order larger sizes on inquiry. 10ml, 30ml, 60ml.

Lilac Enfleurage

Enfleurage is the French term for an ancient, labor intensive, and all-but vanished, technique in which a fat is used to absorb scent from fresh exhaling flowers. Enfleurage captures the most delicate components of scent and the most comprehensive spectrum of scent molecules. Lilac does not lend itself to distillation and other methods collect only fractions of the scent and leave behind or destroy certain elements. Traditional Enfleurage yields the most authentic essential oil of lilac.

In our Atelier, fresh lilacs are placed in fat substrate where the lovely lilac scent is captured in the fat molecules. We use all organically grown, sustainably harvested, palm kernel oil to extract the scent. Every day for 28 days, we painstakingly replace the hand picked lilac blossoms with fresh blossoms, so the aroma is intoxicatingly authentic. Then we separate the scent molecules from the fat using organic spirits and concentrate it with a gentle evaporation process to preserve the delicate notes of lilac.

Our 2024 Lilac Enfleurage will be made from lilacs: Sister Justine, Violet Glory, Pocahontas, Maiden's Blush, Sweetheart, Konchkalovsky, Frank's Fancy, Paul Thirion, Burgundy Queen, Royalty, Palibin, Charles Joly, President Lincoln, Elenor Roosevelt, President Grevy, Miss Kim, Aucubafolia, Brent's Beauty, Miss Canada, Peace, Wedgewood Blue, Dappled Dawn, Sensation, Josie, Monge, Gwendolyn, Kathryn Havermeyer, Emile Lemoine, Amy Schott, Agincourt Beauty, Crepuscule, Sara Sands, Donald Wyman, Violeta, Flora, Vesper's Song, Silverking, Leon Gambetta, Silvia and Arch McKean. Each year the scent will vary slightly in accordance with which lilacs are the colossal bloomers that year.

Our delicate lilac essence may be used as an exquisite stand alone natural perfume, or as an ingredient in blending with other natural scents. It is a powerful heart opener, teletransporter and memory inducer in the limbic pathways of the brain. It connects us to our maternal ancestors, grandmothers and great grandmothers.

2024 Lilac Enfleurage Organic Absolute Essence

My products are used by skin care, aromatherapy and perfume companies all over the world, for their authenticity and therapeutic qualities. Therapeutic properties are not present in the synthetics.

Enfleurage, skin care, essential oils, and perfumes are not returnable. Please try a small sample before buying a larger quantity. Small samples of this product will be available for sale in May 2024. This offering is for perfumers and aromatherapists who already know my products and would like to place a pre-order ahead of production, so they are insured they can get the product before it is completely sold.

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