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Lilac Enfleurage Perfume, Authentic Lilac Blossom Perfume Oil made from Organic Lilac Enfleurage, Limited Edition tiny 2ml sample size

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Materials: Lilac oil,lilac enfleurage absolute,jasmine,rose,marula oil
Volume: 1,5,2

Called the Healer of Broken Hearts, our lilac perfume is deep, sensuous and complex. Alchemically transforming, empowering, it has the ability to uplift us from the depths of winter and thrust us into our imagination, with the light, soft, moistness of Spring.

Please note the size you are ordering. The smaller size bottle is blue in color and has a roller ball top and contains 2 ml

PLEASE NOTE:, real lilac enfleurage is going to be much lighter and softer and more intimate and private than a synthetic lilac fragrance. Do not expect lilac enfleurage to smell anything like a department store perfume. In fact many people find it to be too light and almost undetectable, because, for a variety of reasons, we have become desensitized to smell, accustomed to the fragrance assault of overpowering and overwhelming artificial scent, smoke, pollution, dryer sheets, and other strong odors in our everyday environments.

Our Lilac Essential Oil Absolute is extracted from flowers, never wood, leaves or stems. The natural lilac note is present throughout the dry down in our lilac perfume.

Authentic Lilac Enfleurage Perfume Oil...Exquisite authenticity in this organic blend of floral essences. The Lilac Perfume Oil contains more than 88% pure Enfleurage of Lilac extracted through the ancient process of Enfleurage. White lilac Enfleurage gives the perfume a more jasmine like note. Sister Justina lilac gives the Jasmine like scent, a graceful white lilac we grow. Each ml of lilac oil is extracted from the nectar of a thousand flowers...each flower hand picked with a prayer of gratitude.

Delightfully floral and uplifting for the Spirit. This Lilac enfleurage absolute used in the perfume is made by cold extraction methods from our 33 day lilac Enfleurage pomade.

We have revived the ancient tradition of Enfleurage. Fresh lilacs exhale into chassis filled with organic sustainably sourced vegetable fats. After 33 days of fresh flower changes, the fragrant pomade is harvested and put into jars of organic cane spirits. The pomade soaks for several months. During this time the pomade releases its absorbed lilac essence into the spirits. Then the spirits are gently evaporated at low temperature and the original living scent compounds of the lilac flower are extracted.

The enfleurage is a return to capturing the actual scent emitted by the flower. It is not a distillate but more of a condensate and therefore the fragrance is a true profile of the atomized aromatics of the flower...It is a true lilac scent, does not hang heavy in the air but stays intimate to the warm skin of the wearer. It may be used on its own as a singular note perfume, or as an anointment in meditation and journeying. Lilac Enfleurage essence may also be blended with other natural scents as it is here, in this ethereal and rare Lilac Blossom Perfume.

Enfleurage is the French term for an ancient, labor intensive, and all-but vanished, technique in which a fat is used to absorb scent from fresh exhaling flowers. Enfleurage captures the most delicate components of scent and the most comprehensive spectrum of scent molecules. Lilac does not lend itself to distillation and other methods collect only fractions of the scent and leave behind or destroy certain elements. Traditional Enfleurage yields the most authentic essential oil of lilac.

This Lilac Perfume is a finished product, a blend made from the authentic essential oil absolute extract of lilac that we create with natural enfleurage. The perfume contains a natural fixative, Vitamin E, that extends its shelf life. It is not 100% lilac absolute. The lilac perfume oil contains a drop of Grand Duke Jasmine Enfleurage and a drop of Rose Enfleurage oil. For perfumers and aromatherapists, please contact me or find my other listing for the 100% raw material, lilac essential oil absolute, also made via the ancient technique of enfleurage…

Our Lilac Enfleurage is made from lilacs: Maiden’s Blush, Sweetheart, Konchkalovsky, Frank’s Fancy, Paul Thirion, Burgundy Queen, Royalty, Palibin, Charles Joli, President Lincoln, Elenor Roosevelt, President Grevy, Miss Kim, Pocahontas, Brent’s Beauty, Miss Canada, Peace, Wedgewood Blue, Dappled Dawn, Sensation, Josie, Monge, Alice Mae, Mrs. Havermeyer, Emile Lemoine, Amy Schott, Agincourt Beauty, Crepuscule, Sara Sands and Donald Wyman, Violeta, Flora, Vesper’s Song, Silverking, and Arch McKean. Each year the scent will vary slightly in accordance with which lilacs are the colossal bloomers that year. More than 40 bushels of fresh flowers go into producing 5ml of Lilac Enfleurage extract.

Our delicate lilac essence by itself may be used as an exquisite stand alone natural perfume, or as an ingredient in blending with other natural scents. It is a powerful heart opener, teletransporter and memory inducer in the limbic pathways of the brain. It is living lilac essence, never ‘cooked’ at high temps as in steam distillation.


Real lilac essence is going to be much lighter and softer and more intimate and private than a synthetic lilac fragrance. It will be nowhere near the strength of the synthetics. Many people have become anosmic to enfleurage and cannot smell it even if they tried….we have become desensitized due to many factors such as strong synthetics in our everyday environments, pollution, cigarette smoking, and mineral deficiency….if you are expecting a strong scent or anything like a department store fragrance, YOU WILL be disappointed…Please do not order this product.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most people have never experienced a real lilac perfume.

It is said of natural perfumes, “the scent is for her and her intimate few” it is not meant to be trailing or make a statement, or be detected prior to your arrival in the room or after your departure. While the lilac essential oil is more longer lasting and has a wider cloud or aura, than the pomade, it is fleeting and may only last a few hours on an individual’s skin. My lilac perfume oil is a blend of real lilac essential oil absolute blended with a bit of my pure jasmine and rose essential oils. Customers find it is the strongest of all my scent products, and lasts the longest on the skin.

Please Note: If you are expecting to be bowled over by the smell, and hoping to make a grand statement with your scent, I think you may be happier trying one of the many really nice synthetic lilac fragrances out there. Some of which, are really good fakes. My products are used by skin care, aromatherapy and perfume companies all over the world, for their authenticity and therapeutic qualities. Therapeutic properties are not present in the synthetics.

My lilac essential oil absolute is extracted from fresh lilacs via the Enfleurage process. It is not a CO2 extraction.

Lilac Blossom Perfume Lilac Essential Oil Absolute Perfume Oil is the essence of Lilac captured in a bottle.

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