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Organic Enfleurage of Grand Duke Jasmine, Traditional Grand Duke of Tuscany Jasmine Enfleurage Enfleurage Solid Perfume, Rare Grand Duke

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Materials: hand made chassis,Jasmine flowers,Sustainable Organic PKO
Volume: 9,15,30

You will receive a solid, fragrant organic pomade of Grand Duke of Tuscany Jasmine made with the ancient practice of Enfleurage, hand packed in a beautiful glass jar. The strongest enfleurage in my gallery of enfleurages, Grand Duke is full bodied, tropical, sensuous, dreamy, more powerful and less subtle than my other enfleurage pomades. This one is potent, rich, and spirited, imbued with the scent of hundreds of the chunky, thick, waxy blossoms, organically grown at our winter haven, Jasmine House.

However, please note, it will not be able to compete with the strong smells of jasmine that has been extracted using hexane and other solvents. So I think I must emphasize in my listing that this is a natural handmade enfleurage product, and will be much different than anything store bought.

We have planted Grand Duke of Tuscany Jasmine in our warm climate grow patch. After we put the lilacs and peonies to bed for a long winter nap and travel to our Jasmine House, we practice the ancient artisan method of Enfleurage with jasmine.

We have hand picked and placed hundreds of delicious Grand Duke blossoms in the Enfleurage chassis prepared with organic and sustainably grown palm kernel oil.

Day after day we change the flowers, placing new blossoms on the fat every day for 45 days, following the ancient practice of Enfleurage.

The divine result is an exquisite all organic pomade with incredible fresh jasmine essence straight from the blossoms absorbed into it.

The all organic perfume pomade from Enfleurage is also available now by the pound weight for your larger scale formulations and may be repackaged and labeled as a stand alone solid perfume, moisturizer, sugar scrub, massage butter, as well as a basis for many other products.

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