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Organic Enfleurage of Peony, Lightly Fragrant Moisturizer for Skin and Hair Pomade Solid Exquisite Floral Butter

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Materials: peonies,pomade
Volume: .5,4,8,1,2

Peony has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for centuries to brighten the complexion and revitalize the tone and firmness of skin. I use it every day throughout the winter, the scent is so uplifting and pleasant, it naturally smoothes lines and relaxes areas holding stress as its beautiful light aroma is sensed.

Peony Pomade is the result of 20-30 days of flower changes on the glass chassis. I choose the most fragrant peonies, and lay them face down on the corpse, changing them everyday with fresh flowers for the entire extent of the peony season.

I use only organic and sustainably produced palm kernel, Argan, moringa, cocoa, and carrot seed oils in my pomades.

RSPO Certified sustainable producers of Organic Palm have joined a coalition to protect rainforest habitat and produce their oil from organic and sustainably managed plantations, abiding by strict rules of conducting business and growing the oil. Palm kernel oil is high in vitamin A palmitate and other phyto-nutrients and antioxidants, and it is the vegetable fat that most closely resembles natural human sebum.

8-10 Varieties of peony are used, such as the wildly fragrant Duchesse de Nemours, Walter Faxon, Sarah Bernhardt, and others. Each year it is a beautiful ensemble of indulgent peony aromas.

Half Ounce , 1 ounce and 2 ounce jars are available here as well as 4 oz jars and 8 ounce jars.

Please make contact to ask for larger wholesale quantities.

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