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Organic Peony Enfleurage Absolute, Peony Oil Extracted from Peony Pomade, Use in Natural Perfumery or as a Therapeutic Skincare Ingredient

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Materials: peony

4 ml bottle

I have extracted the true uncooked fresh and live essence of peonies from my flower farm in Cherry Valley. I make a 28 day Peony pomade using the most fragrant organic peonies grown here at my farm. I use all organically grown materials. I have 1400 of the most fragrant peonies that I use for this arduous process, called Enfleurage. After twenty eight flower exchanges the pomade is a lovely lightly fragrant beauty cream and may be used as is. But I also take it a step further and extract the essence from this pomade. I extract the essence or the peony enfleurage oil.

Peony cannot be distilled to create an essential oil, the scent is destroyed by the heat of distillation. Therefore I must use this ancient process of cold extraction from the living breathing flowers.

The essence is a an exquisite and rare extraction.

Peony has been used in ancient Tibetan medicine as a therapeutic skin treatment. It makes a beautiful facial serum by itself or mixed with others of your favorite ingredients.

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