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Peony Enfleurage Serum, Moisturizing, Brightening, Lightly Fragrant Organic Peony Enfleurage, Organic Lilac and Jasmine Sambac Enfleurage,

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Materials: Peony Enfleurage Absolute,Jasmine sambac,lilac enfleurage absolute,all organic ingredients,Organic Raspberry Leaf Oil

Soft and light Organic Peony Enfleurage Serum is a hand made small batch blend of Cold distilled Organic Enfleurage Peony Oil with a drop of Organic Jasmine Sambac Enfleurage, and Organic Lilac Enfleurage oils. Predominantly Peony, charming and crisp, full bodied through the dry down, not too sweet. The scent is uplifting like a walk through a beautiful garden, refreshing, naturally toning and brightening. Peony has been used for centuries in skin care and is a naturally hydrating antioxidant. Offering is for 10ml. in an amber glass oil bottle.

Peony Organic Enfleurage Serum

Lilac Organic Enfleurage Serum

Jasmine Sambac Organic Enfleurage Serum

Organic Raspberry leaf oil

Organic Marula facial oil

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