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Ponderosa Solid Perfume Pomade, Creme de Parfum, Essence of the North West, the classic Vanilla Cream Soda-like Fragrance in Pine 9ml, 15ml

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Materials: lilac enfleurage,organic,organic vanillacream,pine bark essence,labdanum
Size: 15,9

Inspired by my recent journey to Oregon in the high desert, elevations above 4500’ and the luscious sweet creamy vanilla balsamic essence of these enormous and elegant trees, the Ponderosa Pine, I bring you this Ponderosa Pine Solid Perfume.

If you’ve ever stuck your nose up into a crevasse in the deep, thick undulating bark of a Ponderosa Pine, you’ll recognize this rare enchantment. All natural perfume ingredients in a base of organic enfleurage of lilac, topped with a curious blend of organic vanilla cream, labdanum, organic blue cypress, with Peru balsam, organic Douglas fir, and organic pine essence.

Rich and captivating, like standing in the ‘Pondie’ forest at dusk, when the air becomes cooler than the trunks of the trees that have been warming in the sun all day. At that moment the Ponderosa pine trees give off this wonderful aroma.

The scent is peaceful, comforting and gives a sense of warmth and a glow to the aura. The feeling is of arriving home after a long wandering.

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