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Wild Lilac Attar, Enfleurage Lilac Oil Absolute, organically grown and extracted on a base of organic Australian Sandalwood, 2023 Edition

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Materials: sandalwood,lilacs
Volume: 1,2,5

Wild Lilac Attar is the final extraction from the long and arduous three step Enfleurage process. In this Attar, the wild lilacs are enfleuraged into a pomade for 30-60 or more daily flower exchanges. The pomade is then extracted upon a light dusting of Organic Australian sandalwood using all organic materials, cold distilled to purify in the final steps.

The result is a perfumed Attar that evokes a blissful spring walk through an exotic garden, opening into a secret sacred and ancient space. It is aromatherapy for the tired and uninspired, bringing vernal energy and playful creativity to life. It can be a great and powerful heart opener, memory inducer, and calming toner for the psyche.

5ml glass bottle is a tiny cylindrical bottle that comes with a hinged dropper diffuser top pictured in photos.

This gentle product is crafted from wild lilacs, the ones that have naturalized in the landscape. and are sustainably sourced and hand collected by me. Wild lilacs have the original, most highly recognizable lilac smell. They are hardy and emit the most potent ethereal oil.

I do not use steam distillation, it is too hot and destroys the lilac essence. The method I use has at least two phases. The first phase is I extract the lilac onto a layer of vegetable fat in the age old process known as enfleurage. This involves allowing the flowers to rest on the fat that has in this case, been infused with sandalwood, I perform as many as 60 daily flower exchanges over a period of 28 days of bloom time. This produces a lightly fragrant pomade. The second phase is extracting the lilac and sandalwood absolute from the pomade. This is where I have developed a unique cold distillation process, using cool temperatures so as to not ruin the lilac essence. I use all organic materials to do this, first dissolving the lilac and sandalwood pomade in organic alcohol and allowing it to migrate into the alcohol over a period of months. then I freeze the suspension in a freezer overnight at 20 degrees F or less, in order to remove all the fat from the extrait. I use a highly specialized filtration process, and perform the freeze/filter cycle three times. then I cold distill the extrait which takes about five hours to produce one batch of approximately 5 ml, one teaspoon, if I am continuously pure of heart and mind throughout the process, and the goddesses are smiling upon me. You can attend one of my workshops to see the whole process, or visit my you tube site 'CharlePan' for videos on how to do it. I am very transparent in my processes and love to turn on other perfumers and would be chemists to The Art of Enfleurage. I am also writing a book by that name, to be published soon!

if you have never tried my Attar, please order the tiny sample 1 ml vial first, to make sure you love it, before committing to the 5 ml bottle.

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