Please contact me if you are interested in attending any of our tours, lectures or workshops. I will have accommodations for up to four guests at the farm, and a local B&B is also available within walking distance, The Limestone Mansion. Look us up on the map, Cherry Valley Lilacs in Cherry Valley, NY, 13320

I have rediscovered and seek to revitalize the art of Enfleurage. My wish is to lift the lid of secrecy and teach Enfleurage to the world, making Enfleurage a common household craft, such as canning, baking, playing the piano, or writing poetry.


Book a 2 hour Enfleurage  Lecture and beautiful slide show on site at your location for groups and interested parties.

Learn Enfleurage at Home with an

Enfleurage Kit

In addition to in-person workshops this year, we are offering an economical and efficient way for one to learn Enfleurage and begin making beautifully scented body butters, pomades, and solid perfumes right away at home. Our Enfleurage Kit with a stack of authentic hand made chassis, comes with all the tools needed to get started, including Japanese pomade lifter, ergonomic angled silicone spreader, natural bristle brush, 1 lb of organic vegetal corpse, hand whipper, and Charle-Pan’s instruction booklet “The Little Book of Enfleurage”, plus a free virtual or in person workshop, The Half Day Art of Enfleurage workshop.  Domestic and overseas shipping available. Call to order or email, Or purchase from my Etsy e-commerce site:

Workshop Options:

Complete Authentic Enfleurage Kit with one-hour video consultation:

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Complete Authentic Enfleurage Kit with 3-hour workshop:

Complete Authentic Enfleurage Kit with instruction, with 10 hours NAHA CEUs:

Learn Enfleurage In-Person

The Art of Enfleurage

A 3 hour workshop at the lilac farm that includes:

  • A history of Enfleurage and its relevance to the perfume world, with a tour of the perfume gardens. Instruction and garden planning advice geared toward performing the Art of Enfleurage.
  • Natural Botanicals, what it means and why we care very deeply about Enfleurage…
  • Sustainability in Perfume, Enfleurage materials sourcing and methods.
  • The Art of Enfleurage – An in depth practical hands-on instruction in traditional and innovative enfleurage methods for creating beautiful pomades, botanical balms, solid perfumes, delicate moisturizers, and luxurious massage butters through the ancient time honored craft.
  • Introduction to the Equipment “Unboxing”
  • Preparing the Chassis
  • Preparing the Corpse
  • Flower Selection
  • Dwell time and duration of the Enfleurage
  • Enhanced and Advanced Techniques
  • Blended Enfleurages and Attars,
  • Enfleurage in skincare
  • Troubleshooting possible issues with Enfleurage and additional hours accessing ongoing technical support after the workshop, at home.

We build the Enfleurage Kit for you and you pick it up at the Lilac Farm when you attend your workshop.

Alternatively, we can arrange to have the Enfleurage Kit shipped to you and any of the workshops may be attended online through private live video conferencing if you can’t make it to the Lilac Farm.

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Learn Enfleurage In-Person

Full Day Enfleurage Workshop

For private parties of two or more students. This full day workshop not only teaches the complete method for creating lovely naturally scented solid perfumes and moisturizing pomades, from any flower, but also includes small scale basic extraction methods of obtaining the essential oil absolute from the pomade. Depending on the time of the year we will be using various flowers in bloom such as Viburnum, hyacinth, lilacs, roses, peonies, phlox, or violets. 

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Learn Essential Oil Extraction In-Person

Three Day Essential Oil Absolute Extraction Workshop

This workshop encompasses the second phase extraction from pomade to essential oil. It is somewhat technical, but we start with very basic chemistry principles and work from there. You will learn on specific equipment designed for this purpose, and will purchase the equipment upon which you will learn. The Full Day Enfleurage Workshop is a prerequisite. Call for details.

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